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Welcome to the official website of the Public Procurement Agency (PPA).

As the central institution responsible for the well-going of the public procurement system, concessions/public private partnership and public auctions, PPA is paying special attention to reflect any information that might be considered useful and helpful in your daily work.

Aside from the updated legislation in these fields, at this web page there are published manuals, reports of different international institutions and other materials that help in analysis and interpretation in practice of such legislation.

A particular importance at this web page takes the establishment of the electronic procurement system, and also any data related to this process. Use of electronic system does guarantee a transparent process and provides the conditions for an open and impartial competition among participating economic operators.

In the said system are carried out electronically all the public procurement procedures, included small value procurement procedures, and the first phase of concessions/public private partnership procedures, according to the relevant legislative provisions.

Every Monday, PPA does publish the Public Notices Bulletin, where is found information with regard to the notices of procurement procedures, concessions/public private partnership and public auctions, the list of economic operators excluded from participation in these procedures, according to the decided period, and any other information necessary for publication.

In order to facilitate the steps to be followed in electronic procedures, at this web page are found published instructions and manuals prepared by the PPA, for all the users of the electronic system and for any role they have in the process.

Every information and document at the PPA website is available free of charge.

Aiming the efficiency of the public procurement system to promote transparency and fight corruption, PPA does encourage you to denounce at the email address ( any action coming in contrary to the relevant legislation and impinging its right implementation, and PPA does guarantee you that will follow all the steps foreseen by the law.


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Reida Kashta